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Yaab 1.2 and WordPress 2.7 not the best of friends yet

Monday, January 5th, 2009

The main test site that I have used for Yaab Autoblogger to date is using WordPress version 2.6. It’s all working pretty sweetly (with the occasional apparent double-posting that I have yet to investigate properly, and suspect is my fault or a problem with the feed).

I was keen to try out the new version (1.2) of Yaab, and continue to provide some feedback to its tireless author. As it happened, I’d just bought a new domain on which I’m intending to try out some experiments with autoblogging, autolinking and crosslinking on various subdomains, so I had the opportunity to carry out a fresh install.

Having set up a blog on one subdomain, using WordPress 2.7, I installed the latest version of the Yaab plugin.
Now, 2.7 represents a major change of interface for WordPress, and Yaab was clearly designed to fit in with the previous interface. However, anyone thinking about installing the plugin with 2.7 should be warned that you will not be seeing it at its best!

It will still function, but the interface changes to 2.7 have messed up the attractive interface of Yaab somewhat. I’m sure that this is something that Satheesh will be looking to tidy up (once he has finished his exams), as I think that the latest version of WordPress is likely to be very popular.

Now, I’ve broken a golden rule of experimentation by changing two elements at the same time. Fortunately I still have a live blog running 2.6, and I will try installing Yaab 1.2 there in order to give proper feedback on its new features. I might also have a go at installing the earlier version of Yaab on a 2.7 blog somewhere, if I get time for that as well.

WordPress 2.7, Google Analytics and automatic upgrading

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

I love the new version of WordPress – the new dashboard is immediately appealing; it looks like this:

The WordPress 2.7 dashboard in action

The WordPress 2.7 dashboard in action


As you may be able to see the primary navigation has switched to a vertical sidebar on the left, and the main area shows you a summary of activity, recent comments and even has an area that I’m using right now – Quickpress – that allows you to add a speedy post.

I updated from the previous version using an automatic update facility provided by Fantastico De Luxe, a facility that comes courtesy of my hosting provider.

I’ve now worked out that the update includes a change to the footer template, which is where I had put my analytics code. The automatic upgrading is not smart enough to pull out the bespoke changes to the file and put them in the new version, so I have to be smart enough to remember to do it myself. 

I suppose that the alternative would be to put the code in a separate file, and ensure somehow that all pages called that file. I wonder what other bloggers do?