WordPress 2.7, Google Analytics and automatic upgrading

I love the new version of WordPress – the new dashboard is immediately appealing; it looks like this:

The WordPress 2.7 dashboard in action

The WordPress 2.7 dashboard in action


As you may be able to see the primary navigation has switched to a vertical sidebar on the left, and the main area shows you a summary of activity, recent comments and even has an area that I’m using right now – Quickpress – that allows you to add a speedy post.

I updated from the previous version using an automatic update facility provided by Fantastico De Luxe, a facility that comes courtesy of my hosting provider.

I’ve now worked out that the update includes a change to the footer template, which is where I had put my analytics code. The automatic upgrading is not smart enough to pull out the bespoke changes to the file and put them in the new version, so I have to be smart enough to remember to do it myself. 

I suppose that the alternative would be to put the code in a separate file, and ensure somehow that all pages called that file. I wonder what other bloggers do?

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