Yaab autoblogging test results

And the results are in:

1) Duplication of content: I set up an autoblogger using the BBC news main feed, with an interval of 10 minutes. It published four separate posts, all with identical content. So, Yaab does not check for new content before publishing a new post. To be fair, the author doesn’t claim that it does – but this goes on the wishlist for the future. The perfect autoblogging tool would be something that you could leave alone entirely, without having to make guesstimates about how often the sources were likely to be updated.

2) The SEO Smart Links plugin works fine with Yaab. I have set it to publish only on individual posts and not the main page. I will post separately about this plugin, which is itself a fine piece of work.

3) The plugin worked beautifully with an RSS feed from Flickr, displaying pictures from the feed along with links and credits.

4) Multiple feed URLs worked well: although differently sourced RSS content displays differently. In particular, the content from a Google News RSS feed looks different. This may just be a feature of those feeds, but I think such issues could be ironed out with greater configurability of the data coming in from the feeds, as already suggested by another early adopter in his useful feedback post on Yaab, all of which I would agree with.

5) Adsense content units have gone on to the individual blog posts: they are mostly showing generic ads at present, but there is an advertisement for some sort of Goth/Emo dating site on the aggregated “glam rock” entry, so it seems that Google is picking up the content (as I would have expected). In time I am sure that I’ll see more relevant ads on all pages.

So, pretty impressive so far!

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4 Responses to “Yaab autoblogging test results”

  1. satheesh says:

    Yaab can find last published item using its permanent link. I have tried using BBC home page…it do not duplicate any post..please try using the new version at http://psypo.com/yaab
    Thanks a lot for your hard-work to test Yaab.

  2. satheesh says:

    Dear friend, you are right..I have tested with the BBC feed http://feeds.bbc.co.uk/nmfeeds/rss/snippet.xml … i am getting duplicate contents….my amazement became a laughter when I saw the original feed in firefox….there is duplicate content in the original feed itself…, Yaab has just copied it…thats all… 😀

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