Yaab 1.1 release addresses issues

The amazing Satheesh is at it again – perhaps encouraged by some feedback, he has already released an updated version of his autoblogging WordPress plugin Yaab.

I think that there may have been a misunderstanding previously about “duplication” – I have never seen the same item twice in one blog post – that would only happen, as Satheesh points out in a comment, where there was already duplication in a feed. 

My concern was that the plugin would publish the last X items (X is configurable) whether or not there were any new items available.

However, it seems that this problem has been resolved in the latest release. The relevant part of my log file is as follows (the most recent item appears first):

2008-12-21-08:45: BBC Main News 2 is fetched automatically. No posts published
2008-12-21-08:33: BBC Main News 2 is fetched automatically. 1 posts published

This is great. Yaab now checks in, and if it finds nothing new in the feed, it leaves it alone…

There are some other welcome new elements in the release, which I will assess in a future post, but it is all looking good.

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  1. satheesh says:

    Thanks a lot my friend

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