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Affiliate experiments

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I’ve signed up with AffiliateWindow (and, yes, that is an affiliate link!) as an experiment, pretty much to see how the process works and to test out their various tools. 

I don’t expect my own sites to generate any income whatsoever. I’ve made a few hundred pounds in the past with my old poker podcast site, but that was the result of doing a regular podcast (now pretty much defunct) with quite a lot of listeners, whom we occasionally encouraged by various active means to sign up via our affiliate link (although it wasn’t a profit-led enterprise by any means…)

The reason for doing this here is that I wanted to check out the interface and the various options. So far, it’s pretty much plain sailing. I’ve gone from application through approval to successfully putting the first ads across the pages of the main site, which I’ve done by placing it in the same code as an existing include file. The form took two minutes to fill in, the approval arrived inside an hour. 

(I’m guessing that the application standards aren’t too strict, as I’m sure they have ways of monitoring affiliates using practices of which they disapprove, so they can weed out any abusers later.)

I’ll be posting here about my experiences with the interface and the various services on offer.

Update on experiment 1

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

It transpires that the whole experiment was somewhat misconceived.

To recap: we were having trouble getting images indexed on a certain part of another live site, and on examining the cache of the pages in Google we noted that the images were not appearing. We then identified a couple of candidate reasons why this might be, isolated them and set up some pages here to test which of the reasons might be causing it. 

We successfully identified the cause of the phenomenon.

However, the underlying assumption – that the absence of the image from Google’s cached version was somehow an indication that Google had not indexed the image – was incorrect, as I discovered when looking again at an offending cached page using another browser (in this case IE), which rendered the image.

I suppose that the experiment worked, but the hypothesis unfortunately died.