Type-in and optimisation

The other night, I found myself idly pursuing one of my low-energy hobbies, that of checking domain names for availability. Following the release from a Vietnamese prison of disgraced former glam rock star Gary Glitter, who was a big star in the UK in my youth, I wondered who owned the domain. 

Well, the non-hyphenated version has been sat on by Internetters, one of the big domain services, but the hyphenated version – www.gary-glitter.com – was available.

I bought it and pointed it initially on to a page on this site, without linking to it from anywhere, and put a header and holding text on it.

In three days it had 38 page views, 28 uniques and 27 entrances. Three or four of those would have come from my showing people that I owned the domain, but the rest would have been type-ins by third parties. To be honest, I’m not sure whether I think this is a high number or not. I don’t know anyone who just types domains to see what is there, and I have a suspicion that most of the money that is made from type-in is from misspelled domains.

However, the man wasn’t out of the news for those days and remains all over the redtops at time of writing, which might lead you to expect more.

The domain is no longer redirected to this site, and has a holding page with ads, and a linked blog.

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