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Finally worked out how to use the excellent XML (Google) Sitemap Generator plug-in. What I mean is, I had some problems adding non-blog pages, mainly because I’m an idiot – I was adding pages and then updating the sitemap, when I should have been adding pages, updating the options and then updating the sitemap.

Hoping that this will help to get some more non-blog pages indexed, so that the experiments can proceed.

In the meantime, the home page is now ranking #13 in Yahoo’s UK search for the term “search experiments”. It’s currently the only page from the site or blog that Yahoo currently has indexed.

The purpose of this site and blog is not to rank for the phrase, which I don’t think will generate any significant traffic. However, it isn’t a nonsense phrase. It is intriguing to see how much easier it is to rank for a single, albeit non-competitive, phrase, than it is to get all pages in a site into the index.

It’s particularly interesting to see how much more quickly blog posts are indexed when compared with hand-coded pages.

Taking a few days out now. The sitemap is set, the external links are in, the comment spam-buster is installed. We’ll see how things fare when I return from holiday…

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