Status update: ranking and indexing


  • added XML sitemap. I used the Google Sitemap Generator plugin for WordPress, which is find for the blog but not quite as happy adding too many other non-blog pages, or so it seemed to me. I added other pages by hand a few times and only a couple of them “took” in the sitemap.
  • added link to blog footer template
  • added new pages related to the next experiment
  • changed some blog settings to exclude duplicate content and change default URLs
  • added link to home page on unrelated PR3 page, hoping to speed up indexing of all pages
  • Google’s indexing fluctuates wildly. I’ve been checking much more than necessary, but I’ve seen results on the site: operator search fluctuate from 3 to 16 to 23 today.
  • Google likes the blog pages more than the rest of the site, in terms of indexing. Despite excluding certain types of page, there’s a lot of duplicate content (ie posts indexed separately under title, tag and category…)
  • Links direct from blog posts seem to be influential in getting site pages indexed
  • Main site home page was ranking #31 earlier today for the non-quote term “search experiments”; now #34.

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