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Welcome to the blog for search-experiments.com. I don’t think you’ll find anything of too much interest here at present; it’s a newly created scratchpad for me to mess around without doing too much harm.

The first experiment is already live, but I’m also running a “meta-experiment” to see what it takes to get the domain noticed by Google.

Note that I’m not trying to get it indexed at present – I know just how I could do that quite easily if I wanted to. No, what I’m doing is seeing how little I have to do to get it indexed.

At present, this consists of creating a few pages for the site, and adding this blog. No URL submission, no external links, no Google Analytics on the page, no Google Webmaster tools account, no XML sitemap.

Oh, the only other thing that I’ve done which might give Google a clue as to the existence of this site is to search it for the domain name. Also, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have accessed the site with a browser equipped with the Google Toolbar.

I don’t expect to be successfully indexed now. Probably the next step will be to set up Google Analytics and maybe Webmaster Tools, as I will want to access those in the near future.


Edit: Added link (29/07/08)

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